My Plan to Travel the World

Being in Thailand has inspired me to travel more. As scary as it has been, I have loved adapting to a completely different culture. It has taken a long time and I know I’m nowhere near assimilation, but I feel worlds more comfortable than I was when I first got here. I always love looking back into my journal and seeing how much I freaked out when I got here. I have written in my journal almost every single day. I have loved sitting in parks, looking at the ocean, enjoying a river, or just laying on my bed. That journal has already been to some of the most amazing places and boy does it have stories to tell. I have transformed since I got here. I have changed into a girl that has learned to depend on herself. I feel comfortable alone. I can walk down a dark alley in a place I haven’t been too before and feel nothing.  Something I would never had thought I could do. I can find my way to a place 6 hours away even though I don’t speak much Thai. I’ve had a lady on the bus yelling at me in Thai about something about having the window down. I subsequently started crying, but nonetheless I got to where I was going. But I have been here and there, and I have done it on my own. And I plan to do a lot on my own.

I have looked into volunteering in different countries around the world. I have found orphanages, national parks, isolated schools, you name it I can find a place to go and I want to go to them all. Of course, I’m realistic and I know that I cannot, but I can dream can’t I?? I want to do South America. I want to become fluent in Spanish. I want to live in another rural place. I want to help people. I want to learn about other countries. I want to enjoy my life. I want to be happy and I think seeing other countries and travelling will make me happy. Not sure how all of this is going to be funded, but its exciting to plan and research. I’ll do it. I know I will. And I know I’ll get support from the ones I love, because that’s all I need.


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