I like being able to ride a bike to work….sometimes

The joy of living in a small town is that you can bike everywhere.  Any restaurant, store, or market, I can easily get there in 5-10 minutes by bike.  I wake up every morning with a nice little bike ride to school.  But when that is your only mode of transportation, in a place where it RAINS all the time.  It can prove to be a problem.  Today, after a long day of 6 hours of class, all I wanted was to come home and relax.  But as I locked up my classroom and looked outwards, I noticed a little something: it was POURING rain!  Oh yes, the standards of “pouring” are a little different in Thailand.  I have seen nothing like it.  I have heard nothing like it.  It is absolutely ridiculously insane.  But its normal here.  And as I waited to see if it would subside, a thunderous boom was heard behind me and I figured this can only get worse.  Its always nice to enjoy a nice bike ride in the rain when you’re wearing a white skirt!  I wish I had a picture of it.  You can use your imagination though.  Trying to man the potholey streets of Lang Suan, one hand on the rikety old bike, and the other holding a broken umbrella is my first choice for a good time. 

I have attached a picture of the beast I like to call a bike in the rain that I had to ride through.  Not sure if the picture can really catch the essence of the downpour but I tried….


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