My life is like a Corona Commercial

Or a Beer Chang commercial, since I’m in Thailand and all.

I get to go to tropical islands on the weekend.  What do you get to do?!?

Ko Tao

Living in the South of Thailand most definitely has its perks.  Having a four day work week makes those perks much more attainable.  There’s nothing like spending your weekend spread out on a lounge chair with a good book as the soft ocean breeze tousles your hair and the warm sand sifts through your toes.  There’s nothing better than the feeling of being under that clear, blue water and resurfacing to a beautiful rock formation surrounded by colorful coral and tropical fish.  Or hiking through a slender mountainous path where giant lizards and quick moving snakes stand in between you and your destination.    

And I’m only describing the daytime!

Nighttime is when the island comes alive.  Echos of animals or insects that sound like they could eat you and that give a rhythmic soundtrack to the tropical surroundings.  The sky peppered with millions of stars and galaxies that force you to ponder other worlds and the meaning of life.  The slow wading of the ocean’s miniscule waves and a darkness that only allows you to barely see your hand.   

It’s at times like these, when I’m taking it all in, that I feel completely engrossed in nature.  As cliché as this sounds, I feel one with the island.

Sometimes I still can’t believe I’m sitting in Thailand that sometimes the language is the only thing that brings me down to earth.  This far-off dream used to only be a blip on the horizon and now here I am, traveling to islands on my weekends, when before the idea of an exciting weekend was standing in long lines at Hollywood clubs and paying $20 for a watered-down drink. 

I think I prefer the islands.


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