Dodging the Dog

On my five minute bike ride to school, I don’t think about anything too important.  Sometimes I think about the lessons for the day, sometimes I imagine myself still sleeping (I am not a morning person), sometimes I just revel in awe that I’m in Thailand (I do this at least once daily), but every morning, every time I ride that bumpy road to Suansri, I think about a dog.  But not just any dog.  It’s the dog that “lives” at the school.  The viciously annoying, seemingly racist dog that prowls the school yard. 

Alan, James, and I all ride bikes to school, and every morning, we are seen as some sort of threat to this dog.  Sometimes the dog is sleeping and we can sneak by.  Sometimes the dog just barks from its seat on the table and is too lazy to actually chase us.  But most mornings, the sounds of the dog’s growls signify a cause to pedal faster. 

Dodging the dog as it comes dangerously close to the bike, never quite touching us, was funny at first.  We would enter our classrooms discussing the dog that only seems to chase the white people at school.

 Until the dog started to go after me. 

The first time happened a few weeks ago.  The dog was chasing me as usual, but then in lunged.  It didn’t bite me or anything, but it was a sign that the dog was getting serious.  I reported this back to the others, including the Thai teachers, and I was promised that something would be done about this dog.  Who knows if it has rabies or any other disease that the mangy mutts are caring these days. 

Absolutely nothing was done about the dog.  Shows how on top of things Thai people are.  We kept hearing, “Ah next week we will take care of it.”  Well, next week never came.

The last straw happened one day when I was heading back to school after lunch.  I sped into the main road on school grounds and saw the dog heading for me already.  I turned the corner and instead of just chasing me, the dog barreled right into my bike.  As I started to lose my balance, I also lost my cool and kicked the dog in the face. 

As satisfying as hearing the dog yelp was, I was doomed.  I had lost complete control of my bike and there was no way I could avoid the trench in front of the curb.  My bike was quickly in the ditch and I was soon on the ground and absolutely irate. 

I collected myself and stormed up to one of the head teacher’s and told her if she doesn’t take care of it, then I will. (Probably an empty threat since I couldn’t kill the dumb thing, although Alan tried.  It didn’t learn, it still chases us)

She expressed sympathy, even sent some students to dress my wounds during my next class, but the answer was still “Ah next week we’ll take care of it.”

Only in Thailand.

Note:  I wrote this article a few days ago and since then it seems like “next week” has finally come…but I’m probably jynxing myself here, so I won’t go into details yet.  I was also hoping to get a picture of the dog in action, but of course, when I finally thought about it, no sign of the mutt!

Second Note: I swear I saw the dog today, but never saw it again.  Alan and James don’t believe me.  Maybe it was its ghost…we all have our theories… keep you posted on dog sightings!


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