Week #1 & Week #2 on Juice Plus+

WEEK #1:

After 1 week, I can already feel slight differences.  Now, I’ll tell you right now, I don’t feel drastically different by any means, that wouldn’t be authentic, but I can feel small changes that I know will have a big effect.  First, I’m drinking way more waterthan I was before and I drank a good amount before.  My husband also noticed that effect and our large Brita filter is having to be refilled almost every couple days, when we used to not refill it for weeks.  I’ve very rarely seen him go and get a cup of water and now I see it all the time! Second, my cravings for sugar and sweets has decreased.   My husband has also noticed this and this is a huge surprise as he has a pretty intense sweet tooth and has a history of eating ice cream for dinner.  Third, I want to eat more fruits and vegetables.  I used to have cravings for Cheez-its, chips, puffed popcorn, you name a bad food for you, I would crave it.  This past week I found myself saying, “Man I could really go for some carrots right now” or “I wish we had oranges in the house.”  I’m going to definitely have to change my shopping habits! Lastly, and possibly the most important for me, is the lack of pain in my lower back.  And I say it that way because I live with back pain.  I had back surgery when I was 20 and have had pretty constant and sometimes intense back pain (especially when I’m not taking care the way I need to: strengthening my core, using the inversion table daily, and exercising regularly).  I can usually tell when my back is going to hurt after a long day of walking.  The weekend after I started JP I went to Santa Barbara with some girlfriends and walked A LOT, with very flat sandals, and I just knew that after 2 full days of walking, my back was going to hurt on Monday…and it didn’t.  Barely felt it, there were times when I wouldn’t even have known that I had trouble with back pain.  I was blown away.  That felt like absolute PROOF to me that JuicePlus+ is the real deal!

I have difficulty taking pills (small Advil even gives me a problem!), so I was a little disappointed that I had trouble with taking the capsules as I really wanted to use them.  I had to put in an order for the gummies as I was having to resort to opening the capsules and putting them in food/drink (took a long time!).  I’ve been getting better at swallowing them, but I’m excited to get my gummies.


I started the gummies this week, since I was having so much trouble with the capsules (I am probably the ONLY one who I’ve talked to that has this problem, but so be it!)

I haven’t craved or even wanted something sweet like chocolate, or any of the bad food I’ve always wanted to stuff my face with.   There is a box of Mint Cremes from Trader Joes (DELICIOUS – and one of my favorite treats) sitting right on my living room table and I haven’t even wanted to open the box.  I also have a bag of Powerberries (also from Trader Joes…sorry Trader Joes I’m not doing you justice right now!) that I haven’t opened either.

I was out at Cheesecake Factory the other day and I was in the mood for a light snack.  I perused all their “small plates” and saw zucchini fries, crab cakes, mozzarella sticks, and anything/everything fried.  I thought, “thats what I would normally order, so might as well” but none of it sounded good.  I then landed on the beet salad, and that, all of a sudden, sounded delicious.  I can definitely, confidently tell you, I have NEVER ordered a beet salad before, let alone ordered one when I could have easily ordered something fried.  I’mmaking better/healthier choices when it comes to the question of: what to order?

Also, I’m not sure if you know this, but I’m a therapist that works with children and adolescents.  Over the past few months I have had some pretty tough cases and although I love my work, I was coming home tired, dejected, and disheartened every day.  Over the past few weeks, my attitude has changed.  My clients have not, but I can feel an improvement in my mood.   I’ve been enjoying my work way more.  I’m not sure if I have more energy (which I have heard is a benefit of Juice Plus, but I’m not ready to make that claim yet), but something has changed.

And I like it.


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