Sunset from the Ship

In December 2014, I went on a cruise with my (now) husband, Stratton’s, family (my mother-in-law, her best friend, and my 2 brothers). I’m going to be sharing more pictures from this trip as we went snorkeling, whale watching, and much more, but I wanted to share my most cherished moment from the trip.

The cruise (via Princess Cruises) embarked from Los Angeles (Port at Long Beach) and took us down to Puerto Vallarta, then to Cabo San Lucas, up to Ensenada, and back to Los Angeles.

In both Puerto Vallarta and Ensenada, we ported right on the dock, but in Cabo San Lucas we actually threw the anchors down in the middle of the bay.  We had spent the first half of the day snorkeling and had the choice of walking around Cabo San Lucas (checking out the beaches, shops, bars, etc.) or heading back to the boat. Stratton, the brothers (Allan and Ryan) and I decided to go back to the boat and relax (as we had bought the all-inclusive drinks package and were all about taking advantage of that!).


The top deck was practically deserted – if you’ve ever been on a cruise before, it is extremely tough to find chairs together (if any at all!), so we were pretty pumped to have the whole place to ourselves.  Everyone was exploring Cabo, while a select few were taking advantages of the perks of being on a cruise ship without the crowds.

We all got our drinks (delivered to us of course) and settled in to some seats facing Cabo’s iconic arch.

I was lounging reading a book, soaking up the last bit of sun. I can’t remember what it was, but it was probably something girly (and wonderfully entertaining) by Lauren Wiesberger or Emily Giffin.  Every once in awhile, I would put the book down, and just look out and relish in the beautiful bay and the scene stretched out before me.

Stratton and Ryan were playing a game of chess, which small-human sized pieces. I’m not sure who was winning, or who won (I’m sure one of them remember), but there was a lot of laughter peppered with a little (ok, maybe a lot) competitive trash talking.

And Allan…God bless Allan…. had brought his guitar and was playing and singing.

And Allan is really good.

So good that when people came back from the beach, they chose the seats next to us, even though the whole deck was empty.

So imagine this scene as the sun is setting below these picturesque rock formations with boats in the water awaiting for what would most likely be an epic sunset…

Surrounded by beautiful music, three of my most favorite people in the world, drink in hand, and one of the most breathtaking views…

That, my friends, is heaven.


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