Month #1: Juice Plus+

Hi all! So I realized I had been pretty diligent about posting how my first couple weeks on Juice Plus were like and then you were probably wondering, um, what about after that?  Well I thought I would update you on what I have noticed since week 1 & week 2.

Well, the biggest difference I have noticed is feeling less sluggish at the end of my day.  As a therapist for children and adolescents, I normally see my clients after the school day is over, often ending at 9pm.  I was always a little sleepy, heavy-eyed at the end of my day, although I was still able to muster up some alertness to help my clients.  My Juice Plus routine has been to have 6 gummies in the morning (2 of each) and the other 6 gummies as a snack between clients in the evening.  I started doing this only because I wanted a snack at that time and the gummies are so delicious, but what I found is that I was no longer having to fight my eyes closing at the end of my day.  I was able to give my clients what they needed to get through whatever they were going through.   I was leaving the office more energized and happy.

I had earlier about thinking I was having more energy, but I had been skeptical especially because I had just started the Juice Plus and I didn’t want to instantly believe the hype that they give you more energy to get through the day.  I wanted to be convinced myself.  And boy does this convince me. I work such weird hours that I wasn’t sure of what kind of effect it could have on me.  I’m not sure if splitting them up is what is so helpful as I know there are people that take them all in the morning all together, but I’m definitely going to keep on my routine!

Another difference I’ve noticed is that I have to pluck my eyebrows more often.  I know, this sounds incredibly silly.  But what it is telling me is that my hair is growing faster. I got a haircut about 3-4 weeks ago, so I am eager to see how it effects my hair both in terms of length, but also strength (because I hear that it helps with both).  I also noticed that my nails are growing faster and stronger.  I’ve always thought I’d had pretty strong nails, but now looking back on it they would be breaking a lot.  I broke my first nail in over a month a couple nights ago, only because I smashed it into the table! My bad!

So all in all, you can see how Juice Plus is helping me.  What we cannot see, is what Juice Plus is doing to me on a cellular level.  More on that later 🙂

Juice Plus is backed by over 30 clinical trials and research.  Its pretty amazing.  There’s no other product out there that has been so extensively tested like Juice Plus has and its because its the real deal!


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