The Decision

So my solo days of traveling are over. And at one point, I thought my traveling days were over! Just taking vacations here and there, whenever whatever job I had gave me time off.  That’s not the life I wanted.  So I decided to make a big decision, luckily, my husband Stratton agreed with me.

Follow us! Here is my first blog post from our new blog Our Wandering Roots:

Travel is something that is always on my mind. Its been there for a long time. When I was 22, I decided to quit my job and move to Thailand to teach English by myself. That might not sound to weird to some of you because I know a lot of people choose to go abroad and do something like teach English. That’s why teaching English is so popular and you can get your TEFL online in a few days. Its something a lot of people just do.

But not me.

I had lived my life by the book. I played softball my whole life, which granted me a scholarship to the University of Michigan. Amazing. Best decision of my life. Loved every second of it. But after college I was left with a small “going abroad” sized hole that wasn’t filled because I was playing softball and couldn’t choose a study abroad program.

So when I got my chance, I took it, and had the time of my life, on my own. I wrote about my adventures here as The Traveling Dreamer.

When I came home from my travels, literally the day I came home, I reconnected with my high school crush, Stratton, and we’ve been together ever since. Cute right? And 5 ½ years later here we are. Making the biggest decision of our lives.

About to become a pair of traveling dreamers.

A few months ago we were planning a trip to Iceland (awesome by the way, there will definitely be some blogs about it so stay tuned and we’re actually going back in a couple weeks). I had gotten back into the backpacking spirit as I was plotting our course throughout the island. I would go to work and come home ready to keep planning.

Side note about my work. I love it. I’m a psychotherapist for mostly children and adolescents. I also love working with parents and transitional aged young adults. I pretty much get to help people grow and heal and with the young ones I play all day. I mean doesn’t that sound like a great job? It is. I decided that I wanted to build myself a private practice and had achieved a good sized caseload pretty quickly. I love my job. To see people make progress, to see the smiling faces of the kids who are dying for connection, to be a sounding board for a teenager just trying to figure life out, I mean it’s the best. So please don’t get me wrong, I love what I do, and I have tons of ideas of how I want to expand on it in the future.

So anyways, I come home one night after maybe 6-7, maybe 8 clients, which is a lot. I’m tired. Probably a little cranky, definitely hungry, getting close to “hangry” at the time (hangry is our word for what happens to me when I’m really hungry, you know the feeling…). Stratton looked at me and said, “You’re not happy.”

This honestly surprised me. I loved my job. I had actually just had a great day. I had gotten to play kickball, smiled and laughed, helped a client talk about difficult experiences, I mean, all in a days work of a therapist. I really honestly had had a good day.

But something was wearing on me. And of course, my husband was going to notice it.

I fought him a little bit on the idea. “No, that’s not true. I had a great day. I love what I do.” But he saw right through it. And then he asked the question.

“What would you do if you could do anything?”

If your Dreams don't scare you they aren't BIG enoughWithout hesitation, the Iceland map sprawled open on the living room table, guide book next to me, I said, “Be a perpetual traveler. I would have our family on the road. Live in other countries. Learn languages. Be a part of the world.” Honestly, he was mad at first, and I’m hoping he’ll share his side of how he came to agree with me. But here we are. Almost 6 months later, ready to go for it.

Leaving my job and my clients were two of the hardest things I have done. They were my family. And even though I know I will continue this work in my own way, it was still heart-breaking to say good bye. But I had to.

Life is about living.

Its not about just getting by, living day by day, waking up going to your job, making money, and doing it all over again the next day. Its about happiness. Its about finding love. And not just love of another, but love of yourself, love of life, love of the world.

Its hard getting “stuck” in what we’re “supposed to do.” We’re supposed to go to school, graduate, go to grad school, then get a job. ugh. And when we veer from the path, often people scoff at the idea or judge you, at least that’s what they do where I’m from. But that’s not what life is about. Sure we need money. Unfortunately that’s the world we live in. And that is often what stops people from following their dreams.

That’s why we’re here. We’re hoping to inspire you to live your dreams. Whatever they may be. But go for it. Make it happen. Because we are.


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