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December 2009 - Santa Monica, California

My name is Alessandra and I’m a 23 year old Californian who decided to step a little outside my comfort zone.  Ok, a lot outside my comfort zone.  Now I know I’m not blazing any trails here.  Teaching English in Thailand wasn’t just developed and I know people leave home and travel all the time.  But for me, this was a huge leap of faith.

 I graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Psychology.  I played softball for four years and was the centerfielder for the 2005 National Championship team.  This is what has defined me for so long.  Or in other words, this is how I have defined myself.  When I left Michigan, I felt lost.  I was no longer a college athlete or even a college student.  I went from seeing my best friends every waking minute of the day, to never seeing them and barely speaking to them.  I joined the workforce at a small money management firm in my hometown of Pasadena.  But I still felt lost.  I didn’t feel like what I was doing was important or that it was helping me figure out who I really am.  I always yearned for more.  I was constantly thinking of the next big thing I was do or where I was going to go.  But those were just words.  I didn’t have the courage to make them my reality.

Until now.

I realized that I needed to get out.  I needed to see the world and experience another culture, another country.  I needed to push myself and discover that I could depend on myself.  My entire life I have been depending on others.  Not just wanting them in my life, but needing them.  I wanted to change that. 

November 2009 - Poda Island, Krabi Province, Thailand

I chose Thailand.  Everyone asks me why Thailand.  I just felt like that’s where I wanted to go.  Where I needed to go.  I just felt it.  So here I am.

Being in Thailand has opened my eyes to the amazement of being in another country.  Of living and learning another culture every day.  It has made me want more.  It has lit that fire in my heart to discover other places, people, history, everything. 

And it won’t stop at Thailand. You can bet on seeing me somewhere else in the very near future.  Hope you join me on my Wanderlust…From Here On…


29 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I met this guy from the US in Ecuador who told me about Thailand, since I’m interested in wandering around Asia at some point.

    I heard how he had planned to spend some weeks enjoying the local life, but then ended up living there for three years.

    So your leap of faith is far from sounding wrong or anything of the sort. Nice blog and keep it up.

  2. Hi Alessandra,

    I like your blog. It’s cool that you’re living in Thailand now. I live in Malaysia btw. Enjoy your experiences. =) Keep on living the experience!!

    – whit3puppy

  3. You are doing exactly what I want to be doing. I’m about to graduate and everyone keeps asking me what I am doing or why I am not following in the path of what I majored in. I’ve always felt like there is so much more than just following the crowd or doing what I “should” do. I hope I am able to be as courageous as you within the next year!

  4. You are definitely living my dream. My two biggest passions are photography and travel. I have a good friend from Bangkok and was supposed to be there visiting her now, but plans changed. She told me about Phi Phi too, and now I know even more that I really want to visit. Thanks for the informative and lovely journaling about the different places you experience- it will definitely help me choose where I want to visit when I get to go! 🙂

  5. hi alessandra!

    just stumbled upon your blog and i must say WOW!!
    i wish i had half the courage you have: stepping out of your comfort zone is truly a big leap. i’m so all for seeing you discover other wonderful places in the world. haha, i want to do the same for myself, if not only for health considerations…so yeah, GO LIVE our [am sure others think the same way] dreams… happy traveling…

  6. Go girl… I spent a month in Thailand a couple years ago and fell in love with the country. The people were so friendly and the terrain was so exotic, both up north in the jungles and down south at the beautiful beaches. I can’t find any work here in the states and am seriously considering teaching English in Thailand, then perhaps Japan, Prague, etc… What is up with the different certificates and the schools. I have a degree in English but no teaching credential. I read that perspective employers scoff at on-line courses, or is that not the case. I would prefer to teach adults so I am considering getting a CELTA certificate. Any input you have would be appreciated. I’m definitely up for an adventure. Your site is very cool… I’ll be following your adventures… (and I miss those Thai massages!)

    Peace… Skip

  7. Hi Alessandra

    I had a great surprise finding your blog and looking at your photos and reading your blog entries, I also Lived In Langsuan for 6 months and taught at the same school as you and recognise your students as my own students 2 years ago. I have included the url to my own photo blog ( http://call-centre-campaigns.co.uk/?paged=8 ) that I’m building at the moment please have a look through it and you will see many familiar photo’s.

    So its been a great pleasure to also read your experience and being able to relate to every word and having had a lot of the same feelings and thoughts during my time there and wouldn’t change them for the world Langsuan had a big impression on my life and I have travelled a lot, but in some way’s its an incredibly amazing and special place, and its the people and the way of life still untouched by tourism and still incredibly natural and real SPECIAL. I intend to return later this year for a visit and to say Hi to the teachers and locals that befriended me during my visit and time there.

    Anyhow Thank you for an amazing evenings read and I wish you all the best for your future adventures and travels and may they all be as special for you as this one

  8. Hey, just wanted to say I am a fan. Love your site and following your travels. I plan on doing some traveling in Asia this year, and this blog is a big inspiration.


  9. I enjoy reading your blog. It is totally relatable to me as I love to travel and spent some time abroad as well. Living in another country was a very positive experience for me. I learned alot about myself.
    I am folllowing your blog and hope to read more about your travels and experiences!

  10. Hi, I had the chance to live in Califonia for 4 months… well J about 30 years ago!!!
    When I was your age, I decided to do exactly the same thing you did… welcome to the club!
    There is so much to see… you picked up Thailand (country I love a lot) but you may get surprised with the passing of time… how quickly you will get costumed to love all the country of this beautiful word.
    I write my adventures (into reals books) and my stories are a little fantastic too…
    Let me discover your travelling…
    Take care, Alessandra, will get soon in touch again with your adventure!


  11. Hey,

    I totally agree! I graduated in ’05 and felt like I wanted to see the world and not work the rest of my life just for the sake of working. I went to Spain and stayed for three years and am now trying to go back to do my Masters there.
    Best of luck to you.

    Fellow Wanderlust

  12. that’s right. Keep following your heart, your passion. As Joseph Campbell said paraphrased, it won’t lead you wrong. This is a big planet, with awesome interesting people and experiences all around the world. Keep sharing yours and inspiring others!

  13. Hey!

    I just stumbled upon this blog and your story and I must say – it sounds amazing! The photos are awesome, your lifestyle really interesting and boy, this makes me really a bit jealous 😉

    If you’d like, come check out my travelogues, drop me a line.


  14. Hi Alessandra,
    Stumbled upon your blog and really enjoyed it.
    The pictures are good, compositions (setting) and ideas are really good.
    I’m happy your chose to live in a different country. It really does help us understand the world we’re living in better.

    Which type of equipment are you using to take those photographs?

    Enjoy your trip and be safe!

  15. Hey Alessandra,

    felt like dropping a line. I did the same thing last year and I chose Thailand as well… it’s been the most amazing experience of my life.

    Now I’m back to work in Italy, but I’m ready to do it again as soon as possible.

    Enjoy and keep us updated!

  16. Hi! Am Emilian Kondela a tour operator in Tanzania, Arusha. i am the owner of bush duiker tours & safaris. I would like to congratulate you for your effort of travelling abroad, also i would like to welcome you to my country Tanzania, we have special and unique place to visit it.

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